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the practice of yoga 

Have you wondered..... why are so many people practicing yoga? 


Begin your journery....and start to experience for yourself

the positive and beneficial effects of a yoga practice. 


In today’s age, with stimuli of emails, cell phones, marketing/advertising/consumerism, tight schedules, demanding jobs

and responsibilities to one’s family,


yoga is a fantastic therapy to keep balance of body, mind and spirit.


.....find your peace....begin your yoga journey....


Yoga works ALL the systems of the body

circulatory • endocrine • cardiovascular • muscular • digestive • respiratory • skeletal • lymphatic • immune • nervous • reproductive


Hatha Yoga flushes away toxins of  glands and organs of your body.

 The circulatory system and the respiratory system work together to clean out the body.

 Harmonizes the Nervous System and Endocrine System creating Emotional Well Being


A committed Yoga practice can  

Improve Concentration, Self-Control, Determination, and Patience

Lowers Cholesterol

Reduces Stress

Regulates Blood Pressure

Relieves Back, Joint and Arthritic Pain

Balances Metabolism

Improves Circulation

Promotes Weight Loss and Muscle Tone 

Deeper Sleep

Reduce Stress

Glowing skin

Lubricate Joints

Improve Posture

Strengthen Heart

Increase Stamina

Normalize Weight

Lung Expansion

Heal and Prevent Injuries

Stretch and Tone Muscles

Increase Spine Flexibility

Strengthen Immune System

Relieve Chronic Pain

 Mental Clarity

....the list goes on, see for yourself with a regular practice




Our humidifiers are excellent !

- filtering the water to provide the air with nourishing cool moist mist 


What is the first HoT Yoga class like?


Leave any judgements behind. Clear your mind.

Breathe !  

and start to change your mind, body and life.

*arrive to class with enough time to relax. 5 minutes or less is considered late = no admittance.

              Please be considerate of others and yourself.

*let go of worries-calm your mind

*be hydrated !!!

*don't eat anything heavy 2 hours before class 

*instructor will guide you with cues for alignment in postures..breathe !

*if you need to leave room for an emergency, please exit and reenter BEWTWEEN postures, not during

*leave the area you practiced dry, please

*if you borrowed a studio mat, please spray with tea tree oil and hang to dry

*please do not leave the room until the instructor leaves...for any class at kykp

 .....Breathe....Enjoy.....Find your Peace..... 

  Remember that this is your time for body, mind and spirit to all come together.
Go inside. 

Why practice yoga with heat

and humidity ?

Detoxifies glands and organs         

Metabolism speeds up

Improves joint mobility 

Breaks down glucose & fatty acids

Reduces risk of injury  

Strengthens will-power & self-control

Aids circulation                            

Concentration & Determination

Allows body to release toxins       

Improves T-cell function 

Becomes a cardiovascular workout  

 Strengthens Immune System

 Can burn close to 1000 calories


Tel: 812-822-1101

between 6th & 7th
234 N. Morton
Bloomington, Indiana 47404