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studio etiquette


come find your peace


To Allow time to prepare and relax:


The Studio's doors are open 30 minutes before a class begins
and are locked during class.
5 minutes or less before a class begins
is considered late = no admittance
 We want you to find time to relax before class.


If it is your first time to the studio
please arrive
at least 20 minutes before class begins.



Class Etiquette

  • You may bring your own mat and towel or rent $2 each
  • If you bike, walk, run, skateboard (no gas consumption) there is no cost for mat or towel
  • The yoga room is silent at all time and is for reflection, meditation,practice and relaxation.Respect this time for yourself as well as others.
  • Cell phones are not permitted during class and should be turned off/ silent and
    left outside of practice room.
  • If you are sick/ill/have a cold etc...please do not practice...instead, take care of yourself, heal and rest..we will be here and so will your practice when you are feeling strong...this is also out of respect of your fellow yogis if you are contagious ~thank you


find your peace