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  • New to the studio ?
    Welcome !!
    $30 for 21 Consecutive Days of Yoga!
    if you practice all 21 days
     the next 10 consecutive days are FREE

  • Please Welcome
    and come practice with
    Michelle G  & Rick McC !
    so happy you both are here
    teaching with us!!
  • In June HoT Offerings !
    HoT 60 !  including Tues & Thurs 10 am
    HoT 75 ! Wed 6pm & Sat Noon
    HoT Focus 70...please have practiced HoT sequence @ 10 times
    ~find your peace

     Fridays 12-1
    $5 CLASS !!  

    ~ spread the peace
  • HoT Focus 70 
    Fridays @ 6-7:10 pm with Jonna S
    Deepen your HoT practice ...find your Mindful, Moving Meditation
     **please have practiced at least 10 times the HoT * Bikram class 
    due to limited cueing
    Click here for more info!

  • June Donation Class
    Sundays at 4:30
    in Honor of Taylor Beck's efforts in Haiti
    learn more please visit
    ~spread the peace

Mission Statement

A space created

for people to come

heal and strengthen

their body, mind, and spirit


60 75 & 90 Minute sessions

This class is for all: beginners and seasoned yogis.


HoT Yoga is practiced in a room heated above body temperature with humidity. 

While this set sequence will enhance your strength and flexibility, it will also detoxify every gland and organ while working every system in the body.   Enjoy how your practice can blossom into an active meditation bringing better focus and clarity to one's mind.

 Leave feeling refreshed, renewed and vibrant.

 ~words seem to come up short to explain Bikram's Yoga, one must  practice  'see' how this yoga works~



HoT Focus  75 min

Find more of a moving meditation in your HoT/Bikram practice
Demostrating in Silence with soft, background music, candlelights
teacher offers an additional 10 min savasana after the 60 min 
to let all the beautiful benefits settle in
Please ~have practiced HoT at least 10 times before you practice this cueing

Chakra Oils: (restorative yoga)

 The room will be candle lit and chants will be played to help balance and open the chakras with the assistance of essential therapeutic oils.
 Class will cost an additional $5.
First come, first served... capacity 16. 

Peace Yoga    $5 Class

Everyone Welcome... as all classes! only please

~come find your peace

Ambient Yin

A slow deep, Yin Yoga class accompanied by the tonal meditation sounds of the Solfeggio scale.

This practice is designed to work with the connective tissue of the body and to promote a mindful, meditative state.

The Solfeggio scale is ancient scale, a 6-tone sequence of electro-magnetic frequencies used for balancing the vibrations of the body. 

Hatha Flow

 This class awakens our body moving us from the ground up.

This class suitable and beneficial for all levels of yogis, including beginners! Each class is a blend of breath, motion, stillness, linear and non-linear poses. We’ll take a mindful pace for whole body balance, strength, and clarity of mind.



 60 and 75 minutes classes

 Vinyasa is literally translated from Sanskrit as meaning "connection”. Practicing this style of yoga, the instructor guides you from postures cueing inhale and exhale. The physical movement dances with the breath. This style allows for a lot of variety, including sun salutations... working towards a sweet savasana.


Heated Set Sequence designed for transformation, potency and confidence. Begin the practice seated, moving up through standing ending in bridge pose to wheel. The more you practice this guided sequence, the more it becomes an active meditation. 


1 Hour @ 90 Degrees 

Grounding..opening up the body with mindful movement and breath...moving thru sun salutations, ending with the gong.

 Find strength, release and  peace


Sivananda Hatha Yoga:

This class follows the Sivananda Hatha Yoga sequence created by Yoga Master, Swami Sivnanada. The class features deep relaxation, a short pranayama practice (vital energy/breath work), a flowing Sun Salutation series, and a sequence of yoga asanas that will be held for longer periods of time. Holding each posture allows the student a chance to meditate in the asana and awaken the various energy centers of the body, as we work down from the crown of the head all the way to the base of the spine. By the end of the sequence, students will have worked through each of the vital energy centers along the spine, balancing the entire nervous system and aligning and awakening the prana in the body. The class suitable for practitioners of all levels.

 Meditation Session

with Gopinaath K

resuming August 2015

Trance Dance:
Trance dance is a freeform monthly ecstatic dance happening.
Trance dance, ecstatic dance, or tribal movement has been around for many thousands of years and has been practiced as a form of helaing in many ancient cultures.
We take great measures to create a safe space for expression, and our community is based on the foundation of goodwill.
For many people we recognize this is a leap and so your courage is honored.
$15 drop in
returning fall 2015

Tel: 812-822-1101

between 6th & 7th
234 N. Morton
Bloomington, Indiana 47404

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