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about yoga



yoga works all systems of the body

circulatory • endocrine • cardiovascular • muscular • digestive • respitory • skelatal • lymphatic • immune • nervous • reproductive


and the list of benefits continues...


Improves Concentration, Self-Control, Determination, Faith and Patience
Lowers Cholesterol

Reduces Stress

Regulates Blood Pressure

Relieves Back, Joint and Arthritic Pain

Balances Metabolism

Improves Circulation

Promotes Weight Loss and Muscle Tone

Harmonizes the Nervous System and Endocrine System creating Emotional Well Being





the practice of yoga


Besides the physical benefits, there are also mental rewards. Yoga calms the mind through the focus of breathing while moving one’s body into the postures.


In today’s society with all the stimuli from emails, cell phones, marketing/advertising, tight schedules, demanding jobs and responsibilities to one’s family, yoga is a fantastic therapy to keep balance of body and mind.


Yoga also can aid in the diminishing of anxiety and depression.


This is where people find peace through practicing Yoga.


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