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    $30 for 21 Consecutive Days of Yoga!
    Bring a friend for free on the 21st day.

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  • $5 Yoga

    Wednesdays 8:30am / Sundays 4:30pm

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  • Gong Bath

    April 21 & 28  Friday 7:30-8:30pm

    Let the vibrational currents of the gong relax the body and mind

  • OSHO
    Dynamic Meditation

    Saturaday April 29 

    4:30 - 6:00pm
    $15 in-advance - $20 day of
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     Sundays  2:30-3:30pm

    Kundalini Yoga with Sara Galante




60-minute & 90-minute sessions

This class is for all: beginners and advanced yogis.


HoT Yoga is practiced in a room heated to approximately 105 degrees with 40% humidity. 

This set sequence will enhance your strength and flexibility, and detoxify every gland and organ while working all systems of the body. Enjoy how your practice can blossom into an active meditation, bringing better focus and clarity to your mind.

 Leave feeling refreshed, renewed and vibrant.

Words fall short when explaining Bikram Yoga, one must practice to discover the benefits. 

HoT Focus  60-minute 
Practicing this Bikram sequence with limited dialogue and background music will allow you to deepen your practice.  Each instructor has their unique soundtrack to life. 

 Gong Bath

     The gong is an ancient tool for creating elevated levels of consciousness and through this an increase in awareness. The vibrational currents relax the body and mind and allow the chakras and heart to open. The gong is healing therapy and will assist you to go deeper into meditation and relaxation. We will start class with light stretching, breathing and setting intentions followed by 30 minutes of bathing in the vibrational frequencies of the gong. Class will last one hour.

Ambient Yin

A slow, deep, yin yoga class accompanied by the tonal meditation sounds of the Solfeggio scale.

This practice is designed to work with the connective tissue of the body and to promote a mindful, meditative state.

The Solfeggio scale is ancient scale, a 6-tone sequence of electro-magnetic frequencies used for balancing the vibrations of the body. 

Hatha Flow

This class awakens our body moving us from the ground up.
This class suitable and beneficial for all levels of yogis, including beginners! Each class is a blend of breath, motion, stillness, linear and non-linear poses. We’ll take a mindful pace for whole body balance, strength, and clarity of mind.



 Vinyasa is literally translated from Sanskrit as meaning "connection”. Practicing this style of yoga, the instructor guides you from postures cueing inhale and exhale. The physical movement dances with the breath. This style allows for a lot of variety, including sun salutations... working towards a sweet savasana.


    An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat nam (“I am truth”). The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. Kundalini Yoga has its roots in the Tantric Yoga tradition, which dates back to the eighth century.

Moon Salutation:

   We may live by the Sun, but we love by the Moon. In nature, energy builds as the Moon waxes (grows) and dissipates as it wanes (becomes smaller). The Moon is responsible for the rhythm of the Earth, the tides, and our emotions. Our bodies consisting of 80% water, surrenders us to the Moon. It represents; dreams, intuition, divine light, sensuality, mysticism, time, energy, mystery, influence, and eternity. In our Moon Salutation we will honor the ebb and flow of this soothing and meditative lunar energy, while also learning about the current Moon. We will move through a series of poses in a circular motion to embody the waxing and waning phases of the Moon. Chandra Namaskar is a low flow sequence that focuses on the lower body, benefiting those who have trouble putting weight in wrists.

Chakra Oils: (restorative yoga)

 The room will be candlelit and chants will be played to help balance and open the chakras with the assistance of essential therapeutic oils.
Class will cost an additional $5
*capacity is 16 for this class so come early!